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Welcome to the NEW Online Home
of the Central States Funds!

  • New Sites for Each Fund
  • Improved Access for Members,
    Unions, Employers, Providers & Visitors
  • The first time you visit one of the new sites, you’ll need to register and update your profile. Your old site login will not work with the new sites’ updated security features. Note: You’ll only need to do this once; you won’t have to register on both sites.
  • Estimate Your Pension
  • Update Your Profile
  • Print a Pension Application
  • Find Forms
  • Obtain a Verification of Income
  • Find QDRO Divorce Procedures
  • Review Pension Plan Documents
  • Local Union System Access
  • Find a Provider
  • Review Claims
  • Obtain ID Cards
  • View Benefits and Coverage
  • Update Your Profile
  • Find Forms and Plan Documents
  • Local Union System Access
  • Eligibility Checks and Claims Status for Providers

In the future, go straight to the Health Fund site (
or the Pension Fund site (

Add these to your favorites for future reference.

EMPLOYERS: Click on the link to the Fund that your employees are in (if they're in both, go to either home page) and log in from the home page. Bookmark that page for future access. You’ll be able to perform the same transactions that you do now.